As a comprehensive investigations firm, Reaper Special Services, Inc (RSSI) provides the highest echelon of service within the areas of private investigations, executive protection, security consulting, and litigation support. Headquartered in Miami with a new second location now in the Space Coast, RSSI is positioned strategically within the central-east and southwest regions of Florida, while also providing services nationwide. RSSI offers a broad range of multi-faceted services to legal firms, insurance agencies, private corporations, and prominent individuals seeking the utmost degree of protection, information and discretion.

At RSSI, the quality of our elite and fully-licensed Specialists, a cohort of former US Special Forces operatives, former federal law enforcement agents, and experienced personnel from the private sector, is unrivaled within the industry. To date, our services have led to the procurement of over $300 million dollars in legal awards, the security and safekeeping of high-profile clientele and assets, and the implementation of damage mitigation and safety protocols for designated Fortune 100 companies. At RSSI, our primary aim is executing your specific needs with expertise, professionalism, discretion, and integrity.

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